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A.B.T. wraped in chicken

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I made these yesterday. They were a HUGE hit with everyone. I started with the basic A.B.T. recipee but added some oaxaca cheese.


I then marrinatede some boneless skinless chicken thigh in AU JUS , worshiser sauce, and rosemarry then sprinkle with rub.


Wrap jalapeno with chicken thigh and the wrap in bacon. Larger pieces required 2 slices of bacon.


Smoked for 3 hours at 245 deg.( will drop to 225 next time ) I pulled the plain A.B.T. out after 2 hours.


Heres the Money Shot


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Mike, morning....  Great concoction....  I'll bet they were very good....   icon14.gif ...   Dave

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Those look mighty tasty. Great idea 

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Looks like an ABT Chicken Fatty!!! Great Idea!!!!

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Great twist on ABTs...I like it and they look fantastic.

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Those look fantastic!

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undefinedlooks good

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Reviving an old thread but I thought of this yesterday and picked up the thighs today.I'm going to

go Buffalo..!!  Jal. with Blue Cheese /Cream Cheese..Thigh marinated in Buffalo Sauce..Bacon wrapped

 and then more Buffalo..Mmmmm

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That sounds wonderful. Let us know how it came out.
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   Work called so things changed a bit due to time..:th_crybaby2: Half a Jal boat with Cream Cheese dashes of Franks wrapped in a thigh

and then bacon.Cracked pepper and mopped heavily with more Franks.Smoked at about 275* until IT hit 155.Then on to a grate in the fire box to crisp up the "juicy" bottom.They were Really Tasty..:drool


   Next time I'll dice the Jal and make a spread with the CC,use half a thigh to make each one smaller and more manageable

for wrapping. I call them "Pollo Diablo"..:canada-flag-68:

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