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MES 40 startup

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I am getting ready to pull the trigger on an MES 40, probably this week.  I have a birthday in a few weeks, and just sent my wife a link to the AMNPS.


I plan on mainly smoking meat and cheese (not a fish person).  Is there any other equipment i Need to look to purchase?  I have a good thermometer already.


Any equipment ideas would be appreciated!




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The AMNPS is about all you need.  I love my MES 40 and AMNPS.


Its basically an oven with smoke.  I've done bacon in it too so it will cold smoke if outside temps are cooperating.

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Sounds like you are on track. I've had my MES40 for nearly 3 yrs and love it. Cold smoke cheese, bacon and I've got some white tail jerky on there now. Enjoy!


Check the actual cabinet temp against the set temp...most are off. Mine runs 25* cooler than the set temp.

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