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First time smoking with q-view

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This is my first attempt at smoking anything. It was also my first time using my pit I just built. Everything went and tasted wonderful excepte the run I got online was a little spicy for the girls. I brined the chicken for almost 24 hrs and put the run on and let it stand for 45 min. smoked it for around 4 hrs. It was the juiciest chicken I have ever tasted. Matt

79b7a7fe.jpg this is the chicken after I took it out of the brine and put the rub on it.

fda45108.jpg this is it on the smoker almost done.

244af077.jpg this is the finished product.
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Thank you
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Way to go!

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Your Sausage looks strangly familiar? Like the Elgin Sausage i used to get when I lived down that way... icon_cry.gif .

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That's a good looking bird and sausage. Looking forward to some bird tomorrow.
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   That looks like a great smoke!. You said you built your smoker, how about some pics of it. We love seeing a good build.




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Looks delicious! Nice job.

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The only way to learn is keep trying . Job Well Done!!

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Looks Tasty!! Great Job!

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This is the thread For my smoker build. Thank u all, my next endeavor will be to start smoking brisket, and find and tweak a rub to my and my family's liking. I'll let y'all know how that goes. Matt
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The sausage is from a meat market in Marion called penshorn meat market.
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MMMM looks good!

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Looks great!  I too am always working on my rubs.  I have several that are great and a few that need helop.  A never ending enjoyable tasl.  Keep on keeping on.  Steve

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Great job!
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i love the bacon on bacon 

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Looks great from here! You can't go wrong with Jeff's rub. II have used it on everything from rabbit to brisket with great results.

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