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My try at Shooter Rick's Attitude Brats!

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Sorry for the blurry pics.


I went with 8 lbs of Pork and 2 lbs of Venison. I doubled the recipe, but not the cayenne.
Here we go.

Mixed up nice.

Covered and going into the frig to get happy.

And stuffed.

I used 29-32 hog casings for this.

Lunch!  ;D

These were really good even with the reduced cayenne. I like it that way, I prefer the spicy mustard!
Going to try a higher venison ratio the next time, just to see how it comes out.

Thanks for looking...  ;D

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I've been meaning to give this recipe  a try. I have a load of venison that I need to use up so I might try this brat mix and then try  adding different things such as cranberry, blueberry, apples, etc. Do you guys think this brat mix would mesh well with those flavors? We just bought a package of cranberry brats last weekend at the store and they were awesome! Great looking brats.

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Looks like they turned out great - congrats on your success 

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Looks good icon14.gif
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Very nice, enjoy.

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Looks great! Nice job.

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Send a couple over I am out!  LOL

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Sam, the brats look great! drool.gif

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Nice looking brats Sam.... I need to give them a try. I always hear good reviews from ricks brats.........   icon14.gif



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