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Smoke'N Grill (ECB) Basic Mods-2012 Q-View

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So for Father’s day 2012, I got the ECB from the Wife and got excited. In an old life, I used a smoker many times, fast forward 12 years later and now it’s time to have fun again. So for the first break-in smoke, I did a turkey breast and some ribs (can’t waste good smoke) and the coals kept smothering out. I knew there was a better way, searched the web and found SMF, found the nickname for the ECB and read many mod threads. The game plan was set and here is the mods I did.


  • Turn the legs out
  • Added the Little Smoke Joe grate
  • Added legs to the coal pan (hardware is blasted)
  • Added a controllable bottom vent
  • Added a new temp gauge


I made a top vent piece but decided to wait and see how well this mod went and IF a top vent was needed. I did blast the cloth lines hooks, washers, and bolts used for the coal pan legs. The charcoal grate screws/washers are 10-32 made from stainless steel.


The bottom vent and top vent is from aluminum sheet metal that I hand cut and used an aluminum flat bar for added strength. These two items were screwed together. The center pivot bolt had two nuts tightened against each other for smooth opening and closing of the bottom vent.


The grate and 10-32 screws came from ACE hardware while the vent handle, charcoal pan hardware, and temp gage came from Home Depot.


During the first smoke with this bottom vent mod, I decided the top vent was not needed.


On to the pics (Q-view)…


1_basic ECB.jpg


2_Basic coal pan.jpg




3_Hole layout.jpg






6_grate supports.jpg


7_all three grate supports.jpg


8_60mm depth.jpg


9_coal pan-grate.jpg


10_cutting air holes.jpg


11_air holes work.jpg


12_finsihed coal pan.jpg


13_all together.jpg


I hope this helps other new members, the first burn after these mods worked great. I bent in the door to prevent smoke from leaking.



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Great mods and well documented!

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Originally Posted by Pops6927 View Post

Great mods and well documented!

















Some veggies from the garden.









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Well - after many uses, I decided to add a charcoal ring that I made and used expanded metal to create a larger holding area than the smaller grate.







I also added the rope gasket around the lid. I want to make a completely sealed charcoal pan to the ECB body.

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I too have an ECB that I made almost the same mod's on, damper on bottom & top, added a new gauge new longer legs, grate in charcoal pan, and rope seal around lid, Works a lot better, and you don't have much invested. I usually cook on my RF, but I have said over and over it doesn't matter what kind of smoker you have it's the person doing the smoking.  good luck



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You are right, there is not much invested in this smoker and it's turned out some awesome, kick butt food. Tomorrow for Superbowl will do some more food in it. I've had this smoker up to 325°F for chickens and down to 200°F for the 'slow and smow'.


Somewhere in the back of my mind, I keep thinking if the bottom is totally sealed, I'll be able to control the temps better, but I don't chase this thing.... 


I think this Spring I'll get a Groument bottom and see. I'll post some pics tomorrow.

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