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Beer Can Chix Smoke July 14th, 2012

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Pit Chix

July 14, 2012
Fixed pics 2014/12/15


I had a very humbling experience on my Weber grill a few months back. I had two fryer chix that my wife suggested I rotisserie them on the Weber, I eagerly agreed, well anyhow the chicken got burnt, grease flare ups to the point of a small fire that coated the chicken in soot, I actually washed the chicken with water. Never again, especially with company. I was completely embarrassed.

At one point my Sister in Law said,  "ooh let me get a picture of the chef in action".  I refused and said my face isn't going to be associated with these chickens, I sort of felt bad but she likes to post a lot on Facebook and did not want those pics out there! Forever!!

I do have to laugh, because through all the mishaps, the chix weren't bad!

So this time I decided to go with my gut and do these on frank.

Cooked at 265°-275° for two hours.


  • Picking some Fresh Herbs for the slather.




  • Preparing the Slather
  • Chives, Basil, Parsley, Butter, Honey, EVOO, Salt, Pepper, onion powder and garlic powder.






  • I separated the Rosemary because my one daughter can't stand it, so I added it to only one of the birds.



  • Slather to the left and Rosemary to the right.





  • Beer cans prepped with Red Wine, Garlic fresh herbs the one on the left has additional rosemary. I wanted to use a white wine or vermouth so it could be added to the gravy, but I was too lazy to go looking for the bottle.




  • Slathered and ready for the Pit. Chix were placed on the beer cans and placed in a steamer pan.


  • Threw  in some starter wood and lit the log lighter and once there was a good coal bed I added a few splits of Hickory and Cherry.
  • Removed the grates and place 2 bricks on the reverse flow plate then placed the pan on top of the bricks. Added a few cups of water to the pan and left the smoker lid open.







  • Closed the lid after all the smoke had cleared and had a hot fire then tweaked the temp, trying to get 275°. But I need to be careful,  I don't want to load the fire basket up too much, Frank can easily get up to 350°+ if you are not careful.


  • 265° left side





  • 270° Center





  • 270° Right side





Close enough.
  • My better half made up some potatoes, seasoned with Olive Oil, salt, pepper garlic powder and I believe oregano? These were covered in foil and placed on the grates.






  • Starting to brown. These need to be turned 1/4 turn because they get blasted pretty good.






  • First 1/4 turn






  • Ready for next 1/4 turn






  • 1/4 turn






  • Ready for next 1/4 turn






  • I done this several times based on how it was browning,






  • Once I raised the chix to the grate level I decided to diffuse the heat a bit.


  • Removed the pan and placed the chix on the grates.
  • This is what I worry about, look at the breast of the chix, they appear to have a very subtle sooty look on the skin. I try to have the least amount of SMOKE possible when doing my chix. This did not affect the final product at all, but I really try to keep this at a minimum.






  • Handed off the drippings to my better half to make a gravy.






  • Removed the lid from the potatoes and placed in the direct path of the heat. Was hoping to brown them.






  • The last 1/4 turn.






  • Tested the potatoes and although they did not brown like I would have liked they were really good and actually preferred this way by the family.






  • Chix resting




  • Plated






  • How about a little chili? Sure!







  • Would you like it topped with some cheddar? Sure!






  • How about an Ice Cold Draft? Absolutely!



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Fine looking Feast Sir SQWIB! I like some Rosemary in with the Roasted Potatoes too...JJ

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Originally Posted by Chef JimmyJ View Post

Fine looking Feast Sir SQWIB! I like some Rosemary in with the Roasted Potatoes too...JJ

So do I but I was told no by the boss

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Originally Posted by SQWIB View Post

So do I but I was told no by the boss

 Yeah, you met my Boss...Forget trying to add a little Heat to anything...I prefer the Fruity flavors cooked Chiles, especially Habs, add to a dish but I have to settle for adding Hot Sauce on my plate...JJ

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Looks like a great meal

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Outstanding! Potatoes are good that way...and with Rosemary!

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Very nice sqwibword, I complement you on the Rosemary, I don't like the taste that much, but that's just me,a little Bohemianbiggrin.gif.


Have fun and as always...

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