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Chicken Sausage.

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I bought about 9 lbs of chicken thighs last weekend and deboned and Ground to 6lbs chicken burger. My weekend project is to make some chicken sausage. "no I'm not turning to a health nut" But maybe i should since I quit smoking Cigarette's and started smoking food I have gained about 30 lbs. Any hows Back to the chicken.I'm going to try to make a tomato , basil and red pepper sausage. Half will be cured and smoked the other half to be for the grill. Not sure what Dust I'm going to use in the A-MAZE-N-SMOKER yet.                                                                                 



P.s. also have a corned beef in the fridge all spiced up and waiting its turn in the MES.

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Sounds like a plan... Dont forget the qweiw..................icon14.gif



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Sounds pretty tasty. Keep us posted with the pics!

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Cured chicken sticks hanging on the front rod. Add cure to the chicken as you would for beef, game and such.








Here is a small sausage slide show for y'all

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20 mins till lunch and you have no idea how hungry that slide show made me.Looks-Great.gif

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Chicken sausage is quite tasty - here is one I did a while back with no cure and just froze them and another link to one I   that I make like your chicken burgers

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sounds great, the pictures look good.  I am always on the hunt for a new chicken sausage recipe!!

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Great looking sausage, I have some cilantro in the garden may add a some

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Mixed up last nite. roma tomato,sun dried tomato's,onions, fresh basil, garlic.cheese and all the spices








Close up




Cured a cpl pound to smoke with a small pastrami I put in the fridge on Wednesday




Pastrami close up




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Looks tasty = how did you like them 

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Had a couple I made into patties and pan fried, they were real good. Waiting for the ones in the smoker to finish so I can try one.
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We Grilled a few, They were great. I was a little worried about making chicken sausage, But we really enjoyed them. We ate them with peppers,onions and tomato sauce.


on the grill.JPG





MMM They were Great.JPG

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Looks really good...JJ

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Looks great pawoodswalker!  I just ordered a LEM meat grinder and sausage stuffer the other day.  I'm still waiting for it to come in.  I would love to try the one with the sun dried tomatoes.  Would you mind posting the recipe?

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