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Small RF Build using a 100 pound propane tank

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Got inspired to build a smoker to enhance the Treager I've been playing with for a while now.


Decided to go with a smaller RF design due to space concerns here at the homestead.




Figured this would make a mighty fine small smoker!


So I got right down to it.  After researching and designing for several days I was ready to go.  I had hoped to complete the build in time for the 4th of July holiday, but knocking this out in 2 1/2 days seemed unlikely.  Thanks to the folks who came before posting up their builds and experiences, I felt that I could whip out something worthy!!


cut tank.jpg


The gas yard had this layin out without a valve so it was the winner!  Got it home rinsed it out, refilled, and made the first crucial cut.  I was more affraid of getting electrocuted than blowin up!




First I wanted to get the "feet" built.  Opted for a cart design using some 2x2 tube and some 4"angle iron to interface with the tank.  14" wheelbarrow wheels made for nice mobile option.


door cut.jpg


First I layed out the door.  I made the vertical cuts 1st and then bent and welded on the door tabs to help prevent warping.  The hinges were completed before the final cuts were made.


door frame.jpg




I used 5/8" bolts as height adjusters on the front legs.  My side driveway has a decent slope so I decided to use this setup so that the smokre will still drain even on my hill and yet can still be used on a level surface!




Next I started on the firebox. I opted for 10g sheet; the price was right and it wasnt rusty. Wishin I had a plasma cutter tho.  My thumb is still numb from that damn angle grinder!


firebox install.jpg


Things are getting exciting now! I wanted to get the cart done so I could use it as a stand to do the long welds. My welding skill is position dependant so I try to keep it were I'm comfy


box on.jpg


OK here is were I went with a different design feature. When I test mounted the firebox I noticed that my initial cut wasnt nice and square so I measured out the new line and was about to cut when I thought that I could use this to my advantage. Keeping the box slightly canted actually might help "funnel" heat into the cooker better, without having to use some sort of baffel inside the firebox to better direct the heat flow as others have described. What the hey


firebox door.jpg


Next I tackled the door.  Decided to go with a one piece.  I reinforced the upper section that will be exposed to all the heat and an adjustable baffle below.

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Looks good!


With heat getting out of the firebox concern, you may want to make sure all the measurements are correct. Meaning air intake, open between the firebox / smoking chamber, and the chimney all work together ensure heat and smoke do what you want it to.


Yes I guess with heat rising, it will move in that direction, but will it work to your benefit?


There is a calculator around, I use this on all my builds and it’s a sure thing.  To me it’s all about getting the temperature and smoke moving around the subject and out of the chamber ensuring constant heat.


I like what you are doing, just adding a little lessons learned information.


Keep us posted and keep posting the pictures too.



Good luck,



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I had a chunk of granite left over from a past countertop project- nice fit!

time to fire.jpg


Time to fire her up! got a pile going and .....




It fired up like a beauty!!


I am amazed at how easy it was to control the temps with only the door baffles.  Thanks to design help from Tom C , and all the folks here; never woulda had the confidence to knock this out without you all!


After a long burn decided enuff was enuff- time for some Q!!!




Still have plenty to finish but since she was in cooking shape I just went with it!.  1st cook came out nice!


smoke v grill.jpg


Here is the difference between a smoked and a grilled brat. smoke wins hands down!!!


Loved the way this puppy cooks!!  I just need to become a better fire manager! 

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Great Job thumb1.gif

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great job! i think i'm going to have to build one this size also. I think  know were i can get the same size tankLooks-Great.gif.

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Great job on the build. icon14.gif
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Great build!!!

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Great looking build.  Nothing like cooking some killer Q on a rig you built.  Congrats.

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Love the granite.

Great Job

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Thanks guys!  Put some finishing touches on her over the last few days




Decided to insulate the firebox.  During the first few runs I was amazed at the amount of radiant heat coming off.  I had enough material so I tracked down some ceramic insulation and knocked it out. I wrapped the top and bottom in a continous piece.




Then welded her up. I didnt have enough material to do a full box so I came up with a "stealth" look!




1 1/2" flat bar fit perfect if I used 1" angle iron to frame out the sides so I went for it.  Managed to use nearly all of my 1/2 sheet!  I also decided to give the door a lilttle rain fly.

Didnt feel like grinding a bunch so just smoothed her out in a few key areas.


After a good wiping down it was time to put on the door gasket.  I went with the replacement for a xl egg.  It works perfect.  After 3 rattle cans of hi-temp flat black.........




Next it was time for a chimney dampner. Kept it simple




I noticed that after insulating the box its too easy to tip the smoker.  For now I just threw a few small chunks of flag stone to counter balance.


And there she is.  Kinda amazed at how nicely it all came together.  This site rocks!!  Thanks again fellas!!


Im gonna be a smoking fool this weekend!!!!

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The Q was fantastic last night!!!




this was the 3rd course




3 tri tips got us warmed up




I love german style potato salad!




some happy dudes!!!!

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looks great!icon14.gif
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Nice little RF!  Reminds me a quite a bit of Lil' Piggy.



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Nice smoker. I was thinking about building one same size. Can you fit two briskets on it?
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I just got a tank the same size and am starting to research and plan my build

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What are the dimensions of the 100 gallon propane tank?

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