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My first attempt at Canadian Bacon

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Nice Job! I have only done this with venison,but have been wanting to try with one of those big Costco loins. Yummy!

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thanks, junky!


and on that note, i don't know why in the world i said "tenderloins," when the package is clearly marked "centre-cut loin filet."

corrections made!

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Outstanding tutorial as usual! And some great looking Canadian Bacon.


I've used Mapleine when making belly bacon and Canadian Bacon, in addition to some maple syrup and dark brown sugar. I can't remember the exact measurements (notebooks are still packed from the evacuation - yes I took them with me!). I really want to order some maple sugar and try that. 


Again - first.gif

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hey, glad you're staying safe over there. it can be a frightening thing to live through. in my work, i encounter families who have lost it all, in some cases. people do not realize how traumatic an experience it can be.


this stuff was really good, and could have been a little better, had the stars aligned right. definitely a do-again project, and one that can be done over and over again, as far as i am concerned. much better than buying it at the store! my main goal will be to pack as much maple flavour as i can into the next one, since i think it goes perfectly with salty/sweet/smoky cured meat. the mapleine seems like it would have worked well, except i didn't use enough. we'll see how it goes!

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Tas, morning...  Nice job on the CB.... I think it's perfect.....   Dave

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I wonder if injecting a mix of your ingredients would help with the flavor. It should cut the cure time down too.

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