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Will this work??

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Im smoking my first summer sausage today and wondering if these temps will work


stuffed last night now out of fridge  for 2 hrs to come to room temp then to smoker at these temps


130 for 1-1.5 hrs no smoke
140 for 2 hrs w/smoke
150 for 2 hrs smoke opt...check IT of meat..smoke opt
160 for 2 hrs..check IT again...smoke opt
170 for 2-3 hrs check IT again. You should be in the high 130 to low 140s here.
If neede to reach the meat IT of between 150-152 bump heat to 175. Try not to exceed 180.
When you have reached target IT, a cold water bath is your call.
They are stuffed in fibours casings 2 1/2 X24 and some are 1 1/2X12 long and a mix of deer elk and beef 10lbs and using cure #1 1tsp per 5lbs of meatdownsized_06231206541.jpg
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It sounds to me like you have it all figured out.icon14.gif

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