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Howdy Yall! I am a beginning "smoker"!  Made my 1st ever Boston butt over the Memorial Day weekend.  Borrowed a charcoal smoker from our neighbor.  Had some tips and at the end some help from a Whistle Stop BBQ competitor...and he said I did great for the 1st time.  Now I am totally hooked!  I have purchased a Brinkman electric smoker for now.  Know I will move up later to something better!


Cant wait till this weekend to try more things....especially RIBS!

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Howdy Kathryn! welcome1.gif to SMF!!! We're happy to have you! There are lots of great people here who just love to share their experiences so you have come to the right place to learn!

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Thank you!  I need to get that smoker put together!  I wanna try something else this weekend.  Any suggestions?

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You mentioned ribs, the 3-2-1 method is real easy and produces good results,


Chicken is also a real good meat to get started on because it is cheap and doesn't take that long. It gives you a chance to learn your smoker without worrying about sacrificing dollars on expensive meat. There are tons of good recipes and methods on here for chicken, just use the search bar at the top for whatever you want.

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Hello Kathryn and welcome1.gifto SMF - you are going to love it here 

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Thanks so much for the Welcomes! I have just ordered the recipes and have printed them.  Going to get things set up this weekend....may try the bacon/pork loin!  Looks yummy!

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I did read that and have never done ribs before...but yall have given me the push to just do it!

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Hello Kathryn and welcome to SMF from a fellow lady smoker!!! You are going to love your new addiction. 


Lots of info, tips, tricks and recipes here, not to mention the helpful folks. There's also the handy search bar at the top.


Glad to have ya!

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Thank so much!  I have 2 days off from work!  Going to try either a chicken or a turkey breast this week.  Cant wait....gotta gather some supplies for the rubs!  This is going to be fun!

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