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Need a good beef rub

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I must admit I am a beef crazy and just love the stuff. I want to smoke a roast this weekend and I am thinking about a rib roast or sirloin tip roast. I am looking for a really (low salt) tasty beef rub to go along with pecan wood for the smoke. Any suggestions?




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jeff's rub is Great,

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I don't know of one right off hand, but here's a quick search for you

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I like Big Ron's

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I see a few rubs with ground coffee in them. i'm looking to try that on a brisket for something different

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Time2smoke , I haven't had the pleasure of saying -WELCOME - to the SMF beercheer.gif.


As for a rub for BEEF ; being a traditionalist , I believe in the easiest , most flavorful way to season my Beef. CBP and Garlic and/or Onion powder ( I use Salt , but it's optional ).

Good Beef flavor without covering the meat's own taste...drool.gif.


brisket cook 5-17-12 026.JPG



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Thanks for the suggestions. I think I will keep it basic as Stan suggested!

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I use Stan's and it works great!  Sometimes simpler is better.  icon14.gif

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