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Brisket Question

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I had the wife stop at the local meat shop today for a 7-8lb brisket, and the kid at the counter gave her a brisket that was 8.2lbs and 4" thick. Does that seem kinda thick for brisket?  I've only smoked a few and they've all been much thinner.

What I'm wondering is cook time, do I use the standard 1.5hrs per pond? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Here's a pic, barely a 1/4' fat cap on the bottom.



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And another...



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This is one for Pops or one of the other Butchers. If that is a Brisket Flat it is from Bullzilla. It is definately not the thick end of a Whole Brisket. My guess based on how lean it is, would be a cut from the Round.You can smoke it at 225*F but I would cook to an IT of no more than 130-140*F Tops. Let it rest and slice thin...JJ

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Chef Jimmy J is absolutely correct, that's a bottom round from a gooseneck trimmed totally lean.  Follow his cooking direction and you've got a nice bottom round roast.

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BTW, would you kindly go to Roll Call and introduce yourself so we can properly welcome you, and also please post your location in your profile!  Thanks!

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Hey Pops, thanks for the info, I thought that piece didn't look right. We called the shop and they're going to give us a full refund and some sort of compensation for our trouble. Only problem is, they don't have and brisket in stock. frown.gif


I'm on my way to roll call now. Thanks again!

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