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Originally Posted by LeGrand View Post

Just joined the forum, so late in inputing.
Great post. Greatly appreciated. Good scientific explanation.

Guess I'll try sand in the pan and experiment. Guess sand needs to be wash first then dried.

Any type of sand recommended?


With sand or gravel I just run water from the garden hose into the open bag to get rid of the finer particles...that's about all you need to be worried about. The sand and pea-gravel is usually moist to wet when you but it. If there are a lot of fine particles in it, it may set pretty hard like cement after being heated up a lot if you don't rinse the fines away.


Any course play sand you find at home centers and hardware stores will work. Pea-gravel does a good job as well...nice part about pea-gravel is that there are less fines to deal with when you rinse it. The only time I've had trouble with pea-gravel setting-up in the pan is if my foil leaked can set pretty tight in some spots then.




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Thanks Eric.
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