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What lump?

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Hey folks I'm brand spanking new to smokin and charcoal BBQ. I pick up a Weber 22.5 Gold tomorrow and want to get started.
I want to use lump charcoal and while I was at the store I noticed they had about 10 different brands. The only ones that really stick out in my mind are Big Green Egg brand, Dragons Breath and an Orange Tree brand.

What are the differences? What do you use? And why? Thanks in advance
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I make my own, so I don't have a commercial favorite.

Check out the reviews here......

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Wicked Good Charcoal gets good reviews for their lump. 


I picked up a small bag of Best of the West Natural Oak yesterday and I'm smoking two racks of St Louis style ribs today.  Seems to be burning nicely and holding even temps in my 18.5" WSM.   Started it around noon and it's 8pm now, so it burns long at 225*.   I have not tried it at higher grilling temps though.

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Diggin dog thanks for that awesome link!!! Just what I was looking for.
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Dward have you done any mods to your Weber?
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