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Another conversion

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So our cousin is going thru a divorce and we offered to let him stay with us for a while to get back on his feet.  He brought a friend over yesterday for dinner and I prepared some BBR's smoked beans and grilled some corn. Dinner went well she ate a lot of ribs.  


This morning we are all sitting around the table eating breakfast and the friend says she has a confession. " I hate smoked food, especially ribs, but yours were so good I could not stop eating them."  


I explained the difference between the commercial stuff and how the 2-2-1 method changes the way things come out.  I think she is going to buy a smoker. Yahoo we got another convert!!  

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Keep on preaching the good news Scarbelly!!!


Happy Memorial Day!

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smiley_snowball.gifROTF.gif....Happy Memorial Day Buddy....JJ

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Hey Jimmy 

I tried but she was camera shy biggrin.gif

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Keep the good work Gary

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She's on the ten most wanted list... LOL
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welcome1.gif her to her new worst habit.....

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