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Seasoning a new offset smoker

Poll Results: Where should I put my coals when seasoning my new smoker?

  • 11% (1)
    In the smoke chamber?
  • 88% (8)
    In the firebox?
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Hey guys, I am about to pick up an offset smoker, and I was wondering about seasoning it. Since I will be mostly looking to season the inside of the smoke chamber, should I just throw my hot coals on the grill in there? Or is it better just to put them in the fire box like you normally would? And should I throw some oil in the fire box to season that as well? If all goes well, dinner at my place tomorrow!!!

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nvan, morning....  I would use the fire box to start with....  Get the smoker HOT to burn off any oils used in the manufacturing process... probably over 400 deg.... then you can oil the smoker with any edible oil you like...  some use coconut, Pam spray, even lard..... then reheat the smoker to normal cooking temps.... say 300 to cure the smoker for several hours... 



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I found the easiest way is to put some used veggy oil in a water bottle... poke a little hole in the top... now squirt it all over the whole smoker.. inside and out.. anywhere and everywhere... then wipe it down with an old rag (soaked with oil as well)

PS. don't do this on your deck or concrete.. out in the grass...
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X2 on the grass!


Horizontal offsets will drip some oil around the lid the first couple of times out.


Good luck and good smoking.

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Thanks for the tips guys, I hadn't thought about getting the outside, but that should help keep from rusting for longer.
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Yep, oiling the outside helps in preserving the Paint job, oil and water ...

I use Lard , cheap and is made of what you'll be cookingbiggrin.gif

after curing , do a Fatty or two for fun...


Have fun and send Q-view..........

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Where in vancouver can I get an offset smoker?
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