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Chef R.O.B.

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lol, Big Rob from Sunny Southern California. They say Cali people can't que, but those same people tell me they cook their ribs in the oven or boil them first, lol - Funny thing to me.


I have a Char Griller 2121 -


And it's a beast, it's not a high end grill but my food comes out good on it. I didn't properly maintain it however so will be going through a restore to gt her back up, along with some Mods of been looking into. I'm open for suggestions if anyone has any and or a link for some on this site, just in case I miss it as I go through.


I also plan on purchasing the Char Griller 5050 and a sidebox for my 2121 within the next few weeks.


I claim to be good, but want to be better - and always open to suggestions, as long as it doesn't involve boiling, or baking my Ribs first.


I forgot to add, i'm a decent to good griller in my opinion but really have no clue when it comes to smoking, teach me Obi Wan

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Hello Chef R.O.B. and welcome1.gifto SMF - glad to have you here with us 


Please consider joining our So Cal Smokers Group

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consider it done.

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Boiling is a cardinal sin here !!! LOL

 Pre cooking ribs is for the resturants  that have to have ribs ready to go in 12 - 15 min from order.

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Hey Rob, welcome to SMF.  Here is a link that a poster made about restoring and making mods to a silver smoker that you can gleen some ideas from.


Enjoy the Smoke.

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welcome1.gif to SMF.
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WElcome to our smokin forum.....glad you are here with us....welcome1.gif

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Welcome , Rob. Enjoy yourself and chime in as you wish.biggrin.gif

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Thanks for the warm welcome all

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