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I just purchased the ACCURITE digital thermometer with timer and clock on it from Academy.


Is this an ok device? Or should i get a diferent one?


Also does anyone know if it can be left in the meat while somking the meat. Or will it get damaged?????



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Do you have a link so we know exactly which one you are asking about?

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How did the sausage come out ????

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they got few models which one?  all of them are looks OK

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This is the one i got. can't seem to find it on acurite web site.

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The first batch was a small one. We loved it...... Made a second batch yesterday while fabricating a extension on a lift gate for a local landscape contractor. Kinda varnished some of it I think its called. It was good also up I think i got it a little to hot.



I am smoking a small butt today. While painting the lift gate. I love to smell of that smoker!!!!!!!!


As we discussed, I will have a home made smoker before the end of the year. I need to get caught up with all my fabrication jobs then its off to fabricate on a non paying job. LOL.....

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in it's description I found this


Instant Readout of Inner Food Temperature During Cooking Cycle


So it sounds like it can be left in while cooking it also says it will alert you when food is done

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I don't have that one, but I have a couple of cheapie acu rites.  They have actually been more reliable than my Maverick.


Good luck and good smoking.

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You should get a year or two out of them , I used to get Polders from BBB , and they stuck with me for 2yrs. and were only $25.


Now I don't know about the Maverick giving problems , if a unit was kept inside  (like I do ) , the units seem to last longer - I'm talking the cheap ones ...  now keeping these Mavericks like I do my Cheap ones , I know they will be here for several years.


The way a Man cares for his tools , shows his interest in his duties...  just sayin'


Have fun and...

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I'm running a couple cheapo ($15) Acurites from Wal-Mart and Academy and both are dead on with the boil test and against my Maverick. 

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