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brisket game's back

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well tonight is the all star race. big nascar fan, so i might as well get it out. #99 carl edwards fan. former dale jarrett. ok so thats done. got my new notebook and web back on and after browsing here a few days it was time. dusted off the uds for the first time this year. getting bad. need another build but thats a different story.


mixed some brown sugar, paprika, garlic salt, j & d's bacon salt, zimbabwe bird pepper powder, smokehouse black pepper, sea salt, the rest of a bottle of store rub and some cajun seasoning all up. thawed an 8.5 bl brisket out yesterday. slathered it with the rub. got sticky real fast. like it was carmel coated. fired up the uds and filled it with charcoal and wet hickory.put it on at 9 am. man i got to remember how to post Q view now. i know it was something from photobucket last time i was on. lets try it.






well lets see if it worked? nope. thought the img code is what it was???


ha! got it.

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been on 3 hrs give or take. getting the look:)



again at 5 hrs


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7 hrs. beans are on. the temp is at 161 now. looking sweet. gonna be a chow tonight.



Originally Posted by alblancher View Post

Well why not jump in with both feet and get the smoker going. You do remember how to post Qview, don't you?



well i took your advise ablancher



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Looks great, nothing wrong with that at all.


Enjoy the well deserved meal.

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stick the temp gauge in the flat.....correct me if im wrong but the non-flat part is used for burnt ends...

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Looks good - I should have done some beans tonight too. Damm.

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when the drivers were tightening up thier belts i was unbuckling mine. couple big sammies with sliced jalapenos slaw and the smoke beans and asparagus. man time for bed.


oh on the contrary. you can use the fat cap for anything ones desires.:)

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well sometimes the best thing about a big smoke is eating it all week. my good camera took a dump. the cheap 8.1 pixel i used yesterday didnt capture the colors good. this one is a bit better. got to get a new cam for my ebay buisness and for smoke pics lol. and as you can see this (fat cap end) was real lean. had a line in the center and on outer bottom but other than that it was meat.





this camera shows the ring a lil better. the cam from yesterday didnt capture the red well.

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Looks good , how long and what temp. did you cook at ,  and I can almost smell it here...drool.gif.

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therm on my uds wasnt working. need to build a new one. but the meat was on  from 9am till 8pm. so 11 hrs. bout to have another sammie for lunch ;)

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