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Ok..smoker is built and looks good.  First use was a disaster(damp wood)  Seasoned wood there after..Problem: smoker seems to be setting up kreosote smell.  Wet moisture coming out of door of smoker.  Black water.   Not a lot but enough to make me concerned.  Ribs are golden brown but have a slight kreosote flavor.  Is there anything from the construction stag that could cause this?  or concentrate on the seasoned wood.  I realize moisture is a by product of combustion and meats cooking but any thoughts would be appreciated

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Fubarr, I believe you need to take a wire brush to it and start over with a new oiling and seasoning. The wet wood added lots of Creosote and will drip for a long time. Get good seasoned wood and keep it dry. Then practice creating TBS (Thin Blue Smoke).


Begin with this: ,if you have questions , PM me...


Oh, and welcome to the SMF... be sure to send pics (Q-view) of your stuff ; inquiring minds want to see...have fun and...

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