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First attempt at Duck Proscuitto: query re mould

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Hi everyone,

I just did the duck proscuitto recipe from Ruhlman/Polcyn's 'Charcuterie' book with three duck breasts (rather wimpy ones to be honest, but duck was on special at Tesco, and I made a yummy confit with the legs). The first one turned out fine and tasted fantastic and lasted not long at all. :-)


duckproscuitto log01open.jpg

Numbers 2 & 3 I left for another couple of days because they were a lot squishier. In the meantime the weather took an unexpected (for London) turn for the better over the weekend and my new hygrometer (?) says the humidity was 72% today. When I opened #2 & 3 they had flecks of mould on them. Blah. :-(

I cut open #3 and barring the little islands of mould on either side of the cut the inside looks fine:


duckproscuitto log03.jpg

Here's #2:


duckproscuitto log02.jpg

The Ruhlman/Polcyn book says some mould is OK as long as it isn't furry and is white, but I have no experience with this. This is my first attempt at curing, other than salmon. It doesn't look furry and it's kinda white...


What do people think? I washed them down with the recommended brine solution but am not sure if I should hang them up again or just park them in the rubbish bin as a scary failure. Am inclining to the latter I must admit! Opinions please?


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I have always followed the rule, when in doubt throw it out.  I don't enjoy getting sick.  Just playing it safe.  Others may have a better suggesting after looking at the picks.

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Thank you for posting!  If you would kindly go to Roll Call and introduce yourself so we may properly welcome you it would be much appreciated!  And, also, I'll send a PM to nepas, who is our dry curing expert for you to look at your Qview and he can better answer it for you. Thank you!

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The mold is not a bad thing as long as its not green or black.

Squishy insides mean to much humidity causing the outter to dry faster. Your temp should be 60* and r/h 70%


Its looking good though

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Diesel - Thanks for the feedback. smile.gif


Pops6297 - Hi! Have now posted on the Roll Call and updated my profile. Thanks for the reminder, and for the referral. smile.gif


Nepas - Thank you! It was white with going kinda greyish in the middle (moisture?). I think the temp was about 60-65°F/15-18°C for most of the week, then 'shot up' to 68-72°F/20-22°C the last couple of days. I'm unsure what the humidity was as my hygrometer only just arrived Monday and then read 72%.

I took another look at the breasts last night and they looked fine, no more mould. The unopened one tasted great too! So thank you for easing my mind re that. I will have to get better conditions running for my next attempt. icon_biggrin.gif

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Greyish could be the moisture.


One thing to watch and smell for. If you have a rancid/gassy smell toss it. If you smell a sorta tangy/vinegarish smell all is going good.<-- This dont happen with all dry cure.


Keep up the good dry cure.

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Good to know! I did take a whiff and it didn't smell rancid, but as far as I remember wasn't vinegary either. Thanks again. :smile:



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