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First Build

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Hey all - glad to be part of the group! I snagged a free 'under the counter' fridge on the side of the road and am looking to make my first smoker. I've got it pretty well gutter, my last concern before installing heat element and vents is if I should re-insulate the inside. Right now, it's just a metal box with a door. I'm worried it won' hold heat well. Any suggestions on what to put back inside for insulation?

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If it was a refrigerator, it should already be insulated. Can't imagine needing to add any more than what it cam with.

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Hello Luke - please do us a favor and update your profile with your location then swing by Roll Call and introduce yourself 


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Welcome Luke.


I take it you basically have a metal box now as the insulation was between the inner plastic liner and the outer shell.


If looks aren't a major concern, just wrap that baby with fiberglass bat insulation to keep the heat in.  Otherwise, take a stroll through Lowes or HD and find something easier on the eyes, but rougher on the wallet.  Foil faced foam insul sheets look better and should do ya good too.  Then you'd have one o them shiny smokers.

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