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New Member from MN

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I am a new member, currently do my smoking on a Big Green Egg.  Looking to learn more and more about smokin great food.  In MN it can be hard to smoke year round but I try.  I am thinking about a dedicated smoker, something on the small size side of smokers.  I am a CPA by day, a Dad and work out at CrossFit and Karate at night and weekends.


Thanks for your patience with me as a new member.



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Welcome,  the BGE is a pretty popular smoker on this site and should do a pretty decent job for you.  I am concerned that you might not be happy with a smaller offset smoker when you have the BGE.  Since you have such a full schedule you might look at a good electric smoker,  kind of set and forget.


Let us know what you are thinking and we will try and point you in the right direction.

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Welcome , CPA to the SMF and a whole 'nother world of Gastronomy.biggrin.gif


We enjoy sharing and showing our talents (Q-view) , it seems to trigger us to do something of our own and show it to the Gang.


There is a World of knowledge here pertaining to most any type of Smoker/Cooker ; so if you have Questions , we have Answers icon14.gif.


Join in and enjoy the camaraderie and ...

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Welcome to SMF neighbor!

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Glad you joined us cgpcpa, welcome!
Pellet fired grills are another good option to consider and certainly meet the set it and forget style for a smoker.

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Hello and welcome1.gifto SMF - glad to have you here 

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Hi Carl,


Glad you found us.....I am from Minnesota too and seem to brave the cold to get the smoking done all winter long. I have a kamado kooker too. Really nice unit to control temp for those long smokes........................ Is it April 15th yet?...Oh nuts I forgot to pay my taxes................ROTF.gif...Just kidding, my CPA keeps me out of jail...icon_mrgreen.gif


Albeit you can rest a little now that the last minutes peeps have left your office.....One more thing..........welcome1.gif

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