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Salmon and Shrimp

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Got back at it started with making a rub based on stevecylka's post.  took that and some olive oil in a gallon bag with some fresh

shrimp and let them sit for about 5-6 hours in the fridge.  Took a 3 lb filet of salmon and let it sit with the rub  on it for a while in the fridge.  smoked the fish to 140.  Loved the way the fish turned out and made 2 more the next day.  The shrimp were amazing as well really cant complain about anything coming out of this smoker.  also made some tatters with onions.




















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Wow!  Looks amazing!


Possibly you could provide some advice to this poster:


Thanks so much for your post, looks great!

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Cast iron potatoes...  YES  Still growing up on those..  

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