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Would this be any good to build a smoker out of?

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That looks like a newer side-by-side refrigerator.


Check and see what the interior is made of. If it metal, it may be usable.However, many newer refrigerators have plastic interiors which do not hold up well to the heat of smoking.


On top of that, the plastic can give off nasty fumes that you don't want to expose your food or yourself to.


On top of all that, a side by side box does not make very efficient use of the space for a smoker.


Personally, I would probably look for something that would be easier to modify and yield a better finished smoker. Almost any pre-1960s consumer refrigerator will work better as a smoker.

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Gotcha! I was just thinking about trying to make a smoker since this fridge crapped out on us at work. It does have the plastic inside. My grill has a side smoke box on it so I really don't need just a smoker since I don't do that much smoking (I just started smoking meat this past weekend).

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