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trying a new sauce...

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Smoking some boneless pork loin chops tonight and trying a new sauce idea...

2-18oz jars of peach preserves

1  fresh pinapple cut-up

3  fresh mangos cut-up

1/4 cup cider vinegar

1 tsp salt

combine all ingredients in a food processor and puree till smooth.

bring to a slow boil in a small sauce pan then reduce heat and simmer for 20 mins.


then add a  

1/2 cup mango rum

stir well...cook for another 10 mins. remove from the heat and let cool.


i hope this works....sound like i am missing anything?



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I would try either replacing the vinegar with lime juice or doing part lime juice part vinegar, and also chop up a jalapeno or two. The heat and lime would play real nicely off of the tropical fruits and rum!

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Kind of a gastrique, ay?

A touch of onion and/or ginger might be good.

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Mark , that sounds good , I too think it needs some Spice to it , but that's just my Texas taste coming out.LOL


Shoot us the Q-view when done drool.gif, and remember...

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Heres a few pics...





Here is the sauce going on...

Needs to be stickier....any suggestions?


And the meat on the plate! It ended up being on the smoker a little too long since the in-laws stopped by.

But they were real good. I like the mix of the sauce but it needs to be thicker without being sweeter.

I mixed this up because Mrs SOB doesnt like spicy sauce, so I am trying to make something special for her.


Thanks for watching!


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Looks good .

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Looks good!
Originally Posted by SmokingOhioButcher View Post

Needs to be stickier....any suggestions?

Reduce it.

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Looks great. Nice smoke ring. How about a little tapioca in the mix?

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