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First Kielbasa w/ Qview

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I made my first batch of Kielbasa yesterday--a 12 hour project start to finish. I cut up 9lbs of pork butt and added 1lb ground chuck to make up the difference for a 10lb batch. After grinding, mixing and stuffing, I finally got the sausages into the smoker to dry by 9:30pm. Because of the wind and rain last night, I didn't get them finished  and hanging (after poach and ice water bath) until about 4:30am.


The results? A muthakickin' kielbasa. I am so proud of myself since the last two forays into making Italian sausage were eh, ok. It tastes nothing like Hillshire Farms--but better. For the test, I gave some to my Russian grandmother and she said that this is what kielbasa is supposed to taste like. So I think I done did good.


I used the Polish Sausage mix from Sausagemaker and added 3 or 4 (can't remember) heaping teaspoons of minced garlic. The garlic has a big kick but it fits in perfectly with the rest of the seasonings. The end product looks a little shriveled but it plumps up and is wicked juicy when grilled. As a matter of fact, I grilled one up a little while ago and it squirt at me when I opened the lid icon_lol.gif .


Ready for some Qview?





Necessity is the mother of invention at 4:30 am. The look on my mother's face at 6am when she came into the kitchen and saw it--Priceless.








Grilled up with a mopping of Hot Bone Suckin' Sauce.








Thanks for looking!

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Once you start, you just can't stop.  Congrats,  looks real tasty!

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Looks soooo good.....  That's on my to-do list for sure.....   Dave

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Looks Great. Good Job.

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Originally Posted by pearlheartgtr View Post

I made my first batch of Kielbasa yesterday...

The results? A muthakickin' kielbasa....It tastes nothing like Hillshire Farms--but better.

Congrats! The fact it tastes NOTHING like the Hillshire stuff is enough to take a bow!


Add to that your Russian G'ma's comments, sounds like you've got a winner! Nice job!



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Looks so good I'm inspired to try some Kielbasa myself.  Thanks for the pics!

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Grand ma's can be tough critics biggrin.gif. You must have nailed it. Once upon a time thats what happened in kitchens you hung stuff up,ham,sausage .I remember a cantina in a friends house where his Ma had cheese in fly wire cages hanging off the rafters. 

Kielbasa a bit new to me by that name whatever name they go by it looks liked got it down.

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Nice Job...I hope your goal was Good Kielbasa and NOT A HILLSHIRE FARM CLONE!  I know people like it and this is not meant to be a put down, but HF Kielbasa is one rung on the ladder above $.99 /Lb Hotdogs! I'm second generation American of 100% Polish parents and Dad's family are all Butchers...Soon as you get Teeth in my family, they stick a hunk of Kielbasa in your hand to knaw on! So I can says with complete authority that what you have accomplished is, thankfully, worlds apart from Hillshire Farms. Congrats on making Grandma's day, you are gonna be here favorite...JJ

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Looks real good!

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Looks Awesome and if gram gram said it was good.......You did good.............icon14.gif



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