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Shelf Life ?

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Once one makes a cured sausage and or salami .. how should it be kept and how long will it last .. I have tried to find this in the books I have . some say to hang them in a cool dry place . But the Length of time is not mentioned ..., and also on this forum and have not seen such a thread .. Perhaps I am not looking in the right area either ..
Could someone link me up or let me know please .. and thank you

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Vacuum sealed and frozen, it should be good for a couple years Rita. I am assuming this is cure #1 since I haven't seen any dry curing threads from you.

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I do have both cure 1 and 2 for just in case I get that wild hair and decide to covert one of my 3 fridges laugh1.gif or wait till winter in New England and just hang them in the cellar or garage ... and if its as warm as this past winter .. back porch icon_eek.gif
But I was curious all around because even with cure 2 I have yet to see a shelf life or how long you can store it ..  I did read in one of my less favorite .. Indefinite BUT I don't believe that for a second .. and the last thing on my mind is making anyone sick

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Cure 2 items can be left on counter, hanging non fridge for as long as it takes to eat them or the critters eat it....LOL

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Really ? COOL!! Gunna do more study on them roflmao.gif

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