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Hello from East Texas

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I am new to the forum and love it. I have been smoking for 20+ years and have built four smokers in the past few years for others, I just finished my"Personal Dream Smoker" ALL MINE !

I live in a sub of Texarkana, TEXAS named Nash. I look forward to being a part of the great bunch of smokers and Thanks for having me.

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Dennis, morning and welcome to the forum..... Glad you stopped by....   We love pictures on this forum so.... take pics of your new smoker, lots of pics and let us see what you built....   Dave

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Hello and welcome1.gifto SMF - glad to have you here  - Like Dave mentioned please post some pics of your smoker 

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Hello and welcome to the forum,  how about a  couple pics of the smoker!

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maybe we need an ArkLaTex chapter ;)

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sounds great to me where are you in arkansas. I do lots of wildlife photography in the Natural State"

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   are you doing to camp craig allen charity smoke-off in september in grapevine?

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Tell me about it, new to the competition. Did the Brady Texas cook-off for many years but it got lost in the heavy work loads of life! I had to retire for HEART problems and now have more time !

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I'm in Magnolia...look me up if you're ever nearby...always looking for an excuse to smoke!!

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Same here and do you do the steak cook up there ?

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Welcome from another Texas member.  If your new smoker is the one on your avatar, we really need to check out some better pics.  Post them.  Glad to have you here.

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I have some in my album and posted on news

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welcome1.gif TO SMF.

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Welcome...I say the smoker on the other time...........Looks-Great.gif

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pm sent...hope to see you at the steak cook-off!

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