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Originally Posted by Scottcim View Post

Another update ........


Should I be starting a new thread for this project?

 i wouldn't.......just keep it rollin' and great idea!

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Back for another update.....


The shelf has been tested and it's awesome.  I can maintain temp in the smoker, and the AMNPS has no problem burning pellets. Two rows of pellets lasted about 6 1/2 hrs.  Smoke, inside the smoker, was amazing!  This setup fully corrected the smoke problems I was having with the AMNPS inside the smoker.  


Feel free to ask me questions.  If anyone wants step by step instructions of how I put this together, let me know. Pictures below.




Front view:



Side view:



Inside lower burner area:



Inside main smoking area:







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Thanks Scot. I was expecting my ANPS today so I went by Home Depot to pick up the parts for this mod. Very inexpensive and easy! I can't wait to try it out myself this weekend!
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Why not reverse the SFB and mailbox idea? Put the AMNPS inside the smoker, and create a vent for it to get fresh air? right next to it? Could even make it an adjustable damper to control the burn rate? I know that I have had a ton of issues with wind. Having the AMNPS outside of the smoker, not totally protected, seems that it will cause issues. Mounting it under the smoker is nice, as the draft will pull the smoke into the chamber, but it is suceptable to wind. I have a AMNTPS on the way that I plan to use when hot smoking. If I run into any problems with that, I am going to vent to the outside to get it some air. I suspect I wont need to do this as others have had succes with the tube smoker in gassers.

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Great idea Scott, goin to try on my gasser but instead of pellets i hav plenty of dust to burn hopefully w/ same results! Has anyone tried w/ dust or all moved on to pellets?  

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Very cool idea.  Might consider this during my new gasser mod session.

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I like the look of the new design.

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Any updates on how you are liking this?  Still working for ya? It looks like a great idea.  This would be a very simple modification to the new Smoke Hollow 44" LP I just bought.

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Yeah, I would also like to know how this mod is holding up over time and if everything is still working perfectly.  I'm thinking about doing this mod myself.  Looks like a great idea.  I'm having wind issues so I might attempt correcting that at the same time I build/mod this.


Thanks!  :-)

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How have the mods been regarding the AMNPS and gassers?

I just now stumbled across this link.


I have had the same issue with the AMNPS staying lit, and I was attributing it to lack of oxygen as well.


I Home Depot(ed) and came up with this dryer vent connector set (DryerDock Vent Hose Quick Connect) for $7, and some duct $12. Then went to the dollar store and bought one red bowl $1. (Caution, the AMNPS may flare up with a little extra wind, and boy those cheap plastic bowls melt in a hurry.)

To attach it to the smoker, I put some self-stick magnets on the white flange thing, and just popped it over the side vent. Perfect fit.




So after the fire, and cleaning all the plastic out of the AMNPS, I traveled back to the dollar store and went with the tin pan/duct tape apparatus instead, to the capture smoke. This time I left the sides attached so that I could use for dampers, which was a great idea. Had to put a brick under the AMNPS to keep good air flow, and to keep from burning my pesky ants roaming freely in the grass.


Thin blue smoke resulted just fine, for 10 hours = happy.

Not a permanent attached modification because I like to move the smoker around (it has wheels) the yard based on which neighbor could use the smoke and smells.


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