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A Sad day indeed

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icon_cry.gif  Well I must say it served me for 33+ years, but this last year saw no use. Since we are designing a new cooking layout for the Pole Barn, I must finally part with my old ECB.


This is where I got my start. Can't even think how many Smoked Turkey's, Butts, Chickens, Ribs and whatever went thru this Smoker.  R.I.P. 'ol gal.  Lot's of fond memories.

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Looks like she had a good life and lots of use!

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Have it chromed and put it in the living room!

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What's wrong with it? th_crybaby2.gif

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So stick a "free" ad on craigslist and she lives on.....   A $6 can of high temp paint is all she needs (and a new home). 

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May she RIP or find a new home!

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Originally Posted by alelover View Post

What's wrong with it? th_crybaby2.gif



 Nothing really. I just use my GOSM Charcoal to Propane conversion more now. The fire pan will work in the GOSM and with a little cutting, even the grates.

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I hear ya Flash. I guess if we never got rid of stuff we'd have too much. biggrin.gif

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th_dunno-1[1].gif sorry i wasnt closer i could of used it.

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Flash I am On my seventh year with my ecb.  It outlasted my masterbuilt.  What can You say there simple, but make some darn good Q.  I feel your pain, I would hate to get rid of it.

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How about a newbie just getting started? Teach them, and give them a grill they can learn on. Spread the knowledge with them. SOMEBODY would benefit from your gift.
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Put it in front of house with a free sign on it.....

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