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What was in it

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Guys im going to start building myself a uds


I have an old oil drum here that needs burning out, only problem is the man that gave it to me does not know what was in it


My question is does it matter what was in it aslong as i give it a good burn out and clean after






p.s how long does one of these things hold temp for

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I sure wouldn't use any type of barrel that contained pesticides or fertilizers.    You should be able to get a pretty good idea of what is in it by smelling and taking a good look.  Was he a mechanic, a farmer, or did he own some type of chemical operation.  Should be writing on the outside of the barrel.

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He wasnt a mechanic but does work in a factory that builds cars, i know it wouldnt have fertilizer in etc but he is not sure what was in it, 


there looks like there was something on the outside but its been laying around for awhile and it has come o of



maybe i should just not use it, doesnt really smell strong though

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I would burn it out a few times then look it over and decided.
as far as how long it hold temp.
I filled my basket full and after 16 hours i still had half a basket
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Probably light oil or paint.  I guess you could see residual paint.

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