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finally starting to post after SFB success!!

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Glad to be on this site, already gained a ton of knowledge from the site! Name is Chris, live in St. Louis MO originally from Metropolis IL. I recently purchased a CharGriller Duo and just added the SFB. After hours of lurking this site I built up my confidence enough to go all out and tackle a 7.5lb beef brisket. Thanks to you guys it was phenominal!! Below is some Qveiw!! Pretty proud of myself.


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Hello Chris and welcome1.gifto SMF - great looking smoke - congrats 

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Nice work man.  Post us some details.  I have yet to achieve a brisket that looks that good.  Beautiful smoke ring, the bark looks great and it looks like you got great results.

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Send me a sandwich next day air.  Nice and juicy!  Looks good.  Welcome to your newest addiction and hobby.  The DUO is a good piece of equipment.  Mine has been smoking for a few years. 

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Congrats, well done and very moist

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welcome1.gif and nice looking Brisky.

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Nice job! Welcome to SMF!

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Looks Great!! Nice smoke ring, and very juicy looking!!  Good Job!!drool.gif

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welcome1.gif to SMF .
I'M just across the river from you .
Great looking brisket , nice smoke ring icon14.gif
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welcome1.gif Your brisket came out great. Have you done any mods to you smoker? I have the same one. If you have any questions just ask.

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Welcome to the forum and man that brisky looks great! Nice job!

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Welcome...........welcome1.gif....and very nice smoke job on the brisket....You nailed that piece-O-meat......Beating_A_Dead_Horse_by_livius.gif...Well done........biggrin.gif

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I did a dry rub on this one and used the Dizzy Pig spicy beef rub, kosher salt and a small hit or garlic and onion seasoning. Put it on at 11:30AM and kept the mesquite smoke on and the grill at a solid 250 on the grates till 7:00 as the tornado sirens were going off and the hail started. My timer and the sirens both went off together and i pulled it at 185 degrees. Double wrapped in foil, beach towel and set it in the cooler for about an hour and a half. At this point the smell overcame me and I had to cut it open! I had lost sleep over this thing thinking I was going to ruin a $40 cut of beef!! To my surprise I got it right, very right. After the carnage of the meal I had three slices left for a very thin sandwich for my lunch the next day.


 As for mods I used the dryer tube and extended my exhaust to the grate surface, and I also flipped over my charcoal tray to make a baffle. I over heated the charcoal tray in the SFB and it warped, so I will be making a new one of those shortly. This thing did eat the fuel, I went thru a bag and a half of charcoal.

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Did you seal up the smoker so no smoke leaks out? And raise up the charcoal basket in the firebox?

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I still need to do the seal, part of my new basket project will be to raise it up. What mods have you done?

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