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Valuing a Used Weber Genesis

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Hello all...


I am in need of some advice and since there is no forum for gas grills, I'll put my question here.


I am in a little bit of a pinch.  I am looking to buy this used genesis and I am curious as to a proper valuation.


Without driving the distance to seeing it prior to purchase, all i have to go on for the condition is this picture and the basic product description:   




My gut reaction, based on the picture, is that the grill is in good condition.  Also, the owner still has the manual... that signals to me that he is probably a guy who takes care of his equipment.


Is $250 a proper asking price?  Its been on the market for a few days and after inquiring if it was still available, the seller emailed me and said he wants to get rid of it fast.  I was thinking of countering with an offer of $150. 


Currently I am using an electric weber (POS).  I hardly ever grill anyways as I usually smoke hunks of meat on my grill dome.  That said, I am itching to buy a new propane smoker and my wife says she will be less than thrilled if I buy another smoker when we own such a garbage grill.


Thanks in advance for the advice.

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I'm not the most qualified guy but I'd say $250 is a fair asking price.

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