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It's not always my fault

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So I go down to Sam's today to get a case of butts for some pulled pork and brats. A friend of mine is a butcher down there and tells me that this last weekend they had a open house kind of thing and now there is alot of meat that has to go today...



2 packs of baby backs @ $2.10 lb, 2 packs st louis spares @$1.98 lb and 2 corned beef @$2.50 lb pretty good around here. It was about all I had room for in my freezer or I would have got more. Lucky for me the other half is out of town so I didn't get "the look"wife.gif Gonna be some good smokin!!



My helper doesn't see a problem




Got a new plan for the corned beef, stay tuned.

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There's no way you can handle all that stuff alone, feel free to send some my way... I'll "assist" you.


Nice score, I'm looking forward to the results!

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post #5 of 5 on to grinding, stuffing and of course smoking!

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