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Clean print

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Check out this link and program:


You can optimize printing articles, deleting embedded photos you don't need or want, reducing font size, compressing the number of sheets of paper used, even graying the printing to save ink; it even shows you how many pages you will use as you reduce the content!  It's a free utility; just click on its icon and it will optimize your printing and ink use!  And, some websites that won't let you print the article it will now print it for you, like Discovery News: (I print out articles from the web once a week and take into Stroke/ABI class, an least 3, for a Current Events segment we do; I am a volunteer there now).  This solves several problems and will work great on here, like if you want to reprint a post but only need certain Qview, not all of them; cut out superfluous paragraphs, reduce font size to save paper and ink, etc.!

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Thanks Pops!

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