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Major Error, Please help!

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Well I have been smoking for a couple of years now and I WASTED almost 70 pounds of venison snack sticks last night. I have done snack sticks before with great success but I wanted to include the high temp cheese this time and I use the 21mm casings. I put it all in my smoker at once it was packed full. After 7 hours my sticks still were only up to 150 degrees and my casings had ALOT of moisture in them. Why would this be? I always slow cook them but never had problems like this before. Could it be because I packed them to tight in my smoker and maybe they could not breathe properly? I usually do 50/50 pork and venison but this time I did 30/70 pork and venison could that be a problem also? I feel sick and don't want to make this mistake again. Thanks

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Brohnson, morning....   Doesn't sound like anything is wrong to me....  Is it water or fat in the casings ??? 


Are you concerned about the length of time ????    Not a problem if you used cure# 1.....   Were the dampers fully open to let moisture out....


From the info in the thread, sounds like all is going OK.....  Take a pic of the smoker with the meat in it.....   Dave

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Dave I am SOOOOOOOO DUMB!! I had a blonde moment I guess. Ihave been beating my head against the wall trying to figure out what I did wrong and I remembered. I forgot the seasoning and cure!!! So I pretty much was making a hamburger in a casing. Lesson learned I guess.

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Bronhson,      Do you know if the meat got to 140 deg. within the 4 hour rule ????  Sounds like it may not have.... 

I would be concerned about the safety of the meat....    You will have to decide on whether or not it is safe to eat..... 

The 4 hour 40 - 140 deg "rule" includes time in the mixing bowls, stuffing etc.....    

Don't know what else to say....   Sorry.....



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I tossed the meat Dave, it did get to the 140 rule but it tasted bad because of no seasoning, very important lesson I learned but I just hate wasting meat!


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Good decision!

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I tend to stick with smaller batches, 24lbs max nowadays especially when doing snack sticks. I would probably get overwhelmed taking on a 70lb project. Sorry to hear you wasted all that meat, I would be so bummed.

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