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Smoked Cheeses??? Why Not Smoked Home-Made Ice Cream?

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I just made my first batch of home-made old fashion vanilla ice cream. Wow! It's great. But... what about a little smoke flavor in that? Next batch I make, which will probably be next weekend, I'm goin to try adding a little Wild Cherry smoke to it in the smoker. 

It'll be a cold smoke like cheeses. 


Well? What do ya think and do ya have any ideas?


Thanks Gang,



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I think yer onto something there. With an electric smoker, an AMNS and ambient temps below freezing. Yup.....I think it would work. Justr make sure you use a nut hazelnut or the like.icon_evil.gif

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Look at

She smokes ALL KINDS of things including milk and cream, fruits, sugars that she then uses in desert recipes.


Keep us posted!

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Yep, I was going to suggest smoking the Sugar and 1-2 hours on the Cream and Milk will not hurt as long as your recipe includes heating it to infuse your Vanilla and make your Custard...Maybe Maple Walnut with cubes of toasted Pound Cake folded in, would have that whole Pancakes and Bacon Breakfast thing going on...JJ

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JJ make up a batch and send it to me to test for ya 


Ray it sounds like a fun idea

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I'm goin to give it a try.  I want something mellow smoked. I'm goin to try my wild cherry. 

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Have fun my friend, but winter cold is your friend....been there done that!
here's the link;

It tastes as good as you'd think it would, only different :)
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That sounds like one to try, good luck.
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I remember reading a post a few years back where someone was smoking ice cream. Are you saying you are going to smoke the ice cream once it  is completely finished or smoke some of the ingredients before you make the ice cream? The obvious concern comes to mind, "How are you going to keep it from melting?" if it is completely made?

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