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A quiet Saturday morning...

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Woke up at 5 (ggrrrr) so I figured I may as well get the chuckies started. You never can tell how long they will take to cook.

Kiz and I got our act together and headed out to fire up the Egg using the last of my Royal Oak.
Got the Chuckies out of the fridge, gave them a rinse...
CAB chuckies we picked up last time they were on sale...

Rubbed down with Plowboys Bovine Bold...

And onto the Egg... All tucked in as the sun is just peeking over the hill.


Chuckie Tacos later today...


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MMmmmm nice eye of chuck steaks!  They're great medium rare with a reverse sear, too, kissin' cousins to rib eye steaks!  Would go great with a mess of cackleberries and toast!

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Those look so good... Will check back later to see how they turn out..

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great start elly......

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Oh yea chuckie taco's sound good.

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6 hours in...





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Looking really good..

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All done!!!


Well, they are done and pulled...

To round out the meal we added some veggies in the form of salsa...

Biggest jalapeno I have EVER seen. Al said this one cost $.0.13

It didn't stop me from using it - made the salsa...

Big Al made the Guac.... mmmmmmmm guac......

My plate... just meat and a little of the fresh salsa...

The best part of the whole deal is when we are eating Big Al says... "You can't buy stuff this good"... I love cooking with that man!

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That's some good looking chuckie!!!

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WOW! what a breakfast......$64 question.....Whats for lunch ?

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Looks awesome Elly, I sure like it when you post food pic's.
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Total props for the pics, and a fantastic looking meal!!

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Originally Posted by chefrob View Post

great start elly......


and a hell of a finish! 

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Thanks guys!
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Nice!!! Simple, yet it has all the elements for an explosion of different flavors and textures. That had to be delicious!


Oh, good grief! Now, I'm thinking that I knew better than to look at your chuckie & fresh gauc-salsa taco feast. I just ate a late after-work dinner, not even an hour ago...now it's time for round two...good thing I'm not on a diet for being over-weight, or I'd be in trouble! LOL!!!




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OH Ellie please send me  a plate of that.  Awesome job 

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Looking for a little breakfast???



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That came out great.. drool.gif Makes me hungry.. I love spicy..

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The meat, the tacos, the salsa and guac....mouthwatering! Great job!

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Looks great it is my type of food.

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