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Big Block Gas Leak

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I have had my Big Block for about 2 years now.


I went to do a smoke and I noticed a flame near the door after I let it heat up for a bit.  Gas seems to be leaking from the wire mesh in the gas line and it eventually ignites.  How do I fix this problem?

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SS, morning.... sounds like something crawled into the burner and is plugging it....  take it out and clean it....  probably a spider or something like that...  



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Yep.. that was the problem.  I found a video on youtube where they used a wire brush to clean.  i could not find that at Lowes, so I just used my garden hose with a fine stream spray setting  and flushed it with water.  The water sprayed out evenly through the burner holes, except a few that were blocked.  I used my finger to clean the debris until water came out evenly through all holes.


I hooked it back up and the burner was all blue flame on high...  just like the day I bought it 2 years ago!


Thx for your help. 

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