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Jerky Maker

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A friend of mine gave me this metal box and I wondered what can I do with it? So I decided to make me a jerky maker out of it. Here are some pictures. It works good and holds the temp. right at 125. So next week you can bet what I'll be doing.th_wsmsmile0ly.gif


Don 108.jpg


Don 111.jpg


Don 112.jpg



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Looks like it needs smoke in it, too shiney.biggrin.gif

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Well made a stack of jerky for me and the grand kids. The jerky maker works pretty good.



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It was just a metal box?  Did you have to fabricate the shelves.   What did you use for a smoke source?     Glad you guys enjoyed your jerky,  bet that's great snacks for school.

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Yes I fabricated the shelves. I have a 1000 watt electric element I use for heat. I just use it to dry the jerky. Next time I might try a little smoke. I just figure all the spices you put in the jery is all you need.

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Well good job on the build and good job on the jerky

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