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I can't say it's not normal, these things have a mind of their own and 2 identical butts can cook very differently in the same conditions. You should definitely check your therms accuracy and/or invest in a remote digital therm. Don't know if you saw this thread started today or not but he has an electric smoker and got the exact opposite results as you at the same (supposed) temps.

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After reading your last post when it got to 165* you foiled it....Then you should continue to cook it to 205*F! If you wrapped in foil and stuck it in the fridge you will end up with 3.5 lbs of Shoe Leather!...JJ

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You can check the theromometers accuracy in boiling water. Grate level is where you want to put the probe when smoking. I like the Maverick ET-732 dual probe. It will be the best $59 you ever spent. I would not even light my smoker without it....grilling_smilie.gif





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