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Have Masterbuilt cured

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and am ready to smoke. Apparently the thermometer probe wires (have the 732) come up and out the air vent at the top of the electric smoker- correct? Also I would like to ask how high does the temp need to be to create smoke ( will it smoke at 225?). Thanks


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I just close the door onto the probe cable and yes it will smoke at 225F.
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You can do either thru the Door or the Top Vent. The MES will start smoking around 180*F sometimes lower. At 225*F you will be getting great smoke. Remember to add only a SMALL handfull of chips maybe 10-12 or you may end up with your smoker Huffing and Puffing flame out of the chip loader, some guys have had the loader shoot out a couple of feet!...JJ

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