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Trial Run

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I just purchased a Masterbuilt Charcoal Barrel Smoker.  I want to try it out this weekend doing some ribs.  There is a side smoker box.  Do I use that as the heat soarce or do I cook with indirect heat on the main grill.  Also is there any prep I should do with the meat before smoking other than a good rub?

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  Yes, use the side smoker box as the heat source. This will help keep the temps from getting too high. Have you checked out the 5 day e-course yet? Lot's of good info there! Be sure to check out the 3-2-1 method. Happy smoking!




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You will build your fire in the side fire box, then the heat and smoke cooks the meat using the indirect method.


Follow the user's guide for seasoning your smoker before using it. There are also some mods that you can do to your smoker that will improve its performance. Check out the Charcoal Smoker section for mod ideas that others have done.

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