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Pulled Pork

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Pretty much every weekend that it isn’t raining I have been throwing something new into my smoker. Friday night I prepped a 9.8 Lb pork shoulder. It was injected with apple cider, cane sugar and paprika. It was rubbed with a mix of OX seasoning and Jocko’s seasoning.

I placed it in the smoker Saturday morning at 7:30am.



I let it smoke at 250* with Apple and Mesquite wood chips. I had apple cider in the drip pan until it ran out, then I used water.



At six hours I started spraying it down with apple cider in a sprayer. It was repeated every half hour.

Pork Shoulder

It took 15 hours and 15 minutes for the shoulder to get to an internal temp of 200*.

Pulled Pork


It just fell off the bone as I pulled it apart. It’s so tasty, no BBQ sauce needed to be added. I did mix in some Wood Ranch BBQ sauce for a slider which was amazing.

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Lookin' real good!...JJ

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Very nice indeed........Looks-Great.gif

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Wood Ranch BBQ sauce is the bomb....

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Looks great.
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