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I just purchased 9 slabs of Baby Backs at Costco yesterday for Father's day, which I will put into my smoker.  They were $3.69 per pound.  They had spare ribs for $2/69, but it worth the extra few dollars for the BB.  I have never seen the ribs at Costco with the membrane already removed.  I will check and hope they did this chore as it really can be a pain.


Happy Father's Day to all. 



San Diego, CA.

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Not to say anything bad about Costco, but I buy my bb at Sam's.  They come three to a pack and they cost only $2.99 a pound.  Yes, the membrane is till on them, but it's not hard to remove.  Matter of fact...they are about ready to go in the smoker! 


Happy Smoking,


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Just came from Costco and paid $2.99 per pound for Swift BB 2 to a package. St. Louis were $2.19. Haven't opened them yet so I can't say if the membrane is removed or not.


The real bargain was the whole bone out pork loin for $2.19 per pound with an additional $2.50 off per loin.

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I second that. the membrane is impossible to get off.

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Originally Posted by Kettle Man View Post

I second that. the membrane is impossible to get off.

Run it under warm water for little bit and it will peel right off .

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I wish I would have seen this before I tried taking off the inner membrane as I gave up after 30 min after I got two ribs done that's right ribs not racks..   I was if its this damn hard I will deal with it cooked on.   lol.

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I'm wishing that I lived close to a lot of you all who don't like the "trimmings" or the "rib tips" as I'd happily come over and dispose of them for you.  In my view, those are the best tasting part of the spare rib.  When cooking for parties here at the house, I'll pull the spares out, cut them into individual bones and send them all in for the masses, then I and those "in the know" will hang out by the smoker and feast on those delicious tips. 

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Thank God I read this thread! The only BB's I've bought are from Costco and everybody always says the membrane will come right off. Well in my experience I've done nothing but give up trying to take it off figuring I was a baby back loser! I guess there is no membrane on the ones I bought!
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I buy the baby back ribs at costco, the membrane is removed and they are some of the juiciest fattest ribs you could ever want. In my opinion they are of excellent quality and unlike many other places they are just very meaty, I don't feel like I am paying just for bones.


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I wish I had seen this thread about a year ago - it would've saved me several times of frustration, feeling like a dummy trying to take off membrane that wasn't there! 


At any rate, I asked the butcher once about the sealed vs repackaged ribs, he said oftentimes when they're opening the boxes they cut through the packaging of the ribs as well, and they repackage them two slabs rather than three in case some folks only want two. He also said that sometimes the altitude here (Colorado) pops the packages.

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I too wish I had seen this :)  I just bought the Costco 3-pack of "pork loin backribs".  After trying to remove the non-existant membrane for a half hour, I gave up.  THEN I found this while everything was in the back fridge.  Backribs, rubbed and sitting on the top shelf.  A 12 pound sirloin tip round roast with SPOG on the middle shelf and 14 pounds of pork belly in Pop's Brine in the 5 gallon bucket.  I'm really liking the looks of my garage fridge today :)

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If there was a twelve pack of Stella Artois in there as well, that may qualify as the perfect garage fridge. 😃 Good luck with your smoke!
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Baby backs, this Saturday from Costco .
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