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Spared the wrabbit!

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Had one a these layin round so tossed it on the smoker taday!




Should be a couple a days a good eatin there!  Bugs lives awhile longer!

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Haven't seen you around in quite some time Tip. I hope things are going well for you.
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Talk about a blast from the past!!!!! good looking bird Tip-long time since I heard from you.hope all is well.

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Hey Tip - How are you? How is the boy doin? 


Glad to see you back and great looking bird 

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Been rough round here, lost my mom in Oct.  Just got outa the hospital, had a stomach infection, don't reccomend that!


Boys alright, dealin with allota stuff, but we'll get through it tagether.  Thanks.

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Sorry to hear Tip - glad to see ya back 

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Speaking of rabbits.  We where at the feed store yesterday and they had some beautiful New Zealand rabbits in a pen   15 bucks each.    My wife noticed what beautiful bunnies and she wanted to bring one home.  I pulled her off to the side and told here they where meat rabbits.  The expression on her face was priceless.   There where a bunch of kids around petting the bunnies so I had to walk away before I broke down in tears laughing so hard,

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Dam nice looking bird. On a side note. Mean Al Mean. Poor Liz!

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Nice Bird and Welcome Back...JJ

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It's really good to hear from you again Tip.

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That bird is beautiful. bravo.png

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That is an awesome looking bird! Great job and welcome back.

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nice looking bird!!!

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