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smokeing 3 chickens

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im smokeing 3 4lbs chickens tomorrow. the list i have for smokeing time says 3 hrs. will it take longer with 3 chickens in there or will it be the same? thanks

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Depends on the size and type of your smoker.  If you have a smaller electric you may have problems everytime you open the lid and the heat has to rebuild.   A larger wood burner really can't tell the difference between 3 chickens and a dozen chickens.  


You shouldn't have any trouble as long as the smoker isn't over crowded.

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Buddy, don't go by time, rather temperature.

Last week, I grilled 1, 4lb chicken on my propane grill. I grilled it, something like 300 - 325 degrees. It took dang near 4.5 hours to complete to get to 180 degrees.


Yesterday, I smoked a 4 lb chicken in my MES smoker. I grilled it at 275 degrees. It took 4 hours to get to 175 degrees.


It's really difficult to judge the time it'll take. But the more food that's in your smoker, the more time it'll take to completion.

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