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First Brisket ever, What did I buy??

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Hi all,

Up here in Canada you never see brisket in the grocery stores and our costco doesnt have it. Not sure where it all goes, but i havnt seen one for sale ever. But I  made a friend who works as a foreman for a large custom meat packer and I told him i wanted a few briskets to try and today he came by with a 43 lb box with 5 in there (2 larger, 3 smaller). for about $2 a LB for Angus. :-)

Do these look like full packers or just flats?? ...haveing never seen one up close, I have no idea.

What have I got?


I think I am gonna smoke up 2 of these for easter dinner this sunday using Jeffs rub&method.








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I not see NE  pics posted??

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OOPS sorry,

Pics added


Originally Posted by mr500 View Post

I not see NE  pics posted??


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When I learned cutting a "double deckle" was point and flat(terms that I learned here BTW). To me that is a full brisket(DD), so I can't see what "deckle removed" means. It's a good price and you should be grateful to your friend, I would be. Cut off the fat and render for future considerations, you'll be glad for it. Others who know more will contribute. Your dinner will be good, if you follow the advice from those that know.

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Deckle removed means the ribs and associated fat has been removed.

I borrowed this from

The whole brisket you'll buy for barbecue is what the IMPS calls "beef brisket, deckle-off, boneless." The IMPS defines it as follows: "All bones and cartilage shall be removed. The deckle (hard fat and intercostal meat on the inside surface) shall be removed at the natural seam exposing the lean surface of the deep pectoral muscle. The inside lean surface shall be trimmed practically free of fat." The word "intercostal" refers to meat between the rib bones.
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WOW...Great Deal!!!!....They are gonna make some great Brisky...JJ

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Originally Posted by Chef JimmyJ View Post

WOW...Great Deal!!!!....They are gonna make some great Brisky...JJ


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Looks wonderful! I'll take a case!

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I'm no expert by any means, but from what I observed on my last brisket, I won't be trimming the fat cap at all the next time I do a brisket.  I trimmed the flat down basically to exposed meat, but left a decent amount over the point.  The flat was pretty dry.  The point was great.  Between the fat cap on top of the point and the vein that runs between the point and flat, it kept things good and moist.  And you can always trim it off when you're serving it if you don't want to eat cooked lard.


Your brisket might be better marbled than the one I did though, and I'm sure that will make a big difference.


Anyway, trimming the fat cap is a controversial topic.  Just my $0.02.

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Wow - Like JJ and Joe said that is going to be some great brisket. 

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$2 a pound for Angus? Wow, that's a nice friend to have! They should be great.

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